Active For Autism Virtual 5K

Active For Autism Virtual 5K!
It’s virtual this year! Instead of a traditional 5K race, the Organization for Autism Research will hold the second annual Active for Autism  5K virtually. Participants can run their race anytime from July 18-26. This virtual 5K will help spread April’s autism awareness message across the country in July.  It will also raise money to fund new research and provide free resources to families and educators to help individuals with autism live better lives today.

All proceeds from our race will go to OAR’s new Changing Lives Fund.  For this, the first virtual event , our goal is to raise $40,000, enough to fund a new OAR research study. Any funds raised over $40,000 will go to support OAR’s mission to apply research to the challenges of autism.

Raise MoneyRegister and run the 5K and set up a fundraising page or make a personal donation.

Fund Research - All funds raised will directly support one of OAR’s new research studies this year through the the Changing Lives Fund.  
In November, all Active for Autism participants who raised $100 or any donor who donates $100, will be invited to vote for one of eight new studies judged most promising by OAR’s Scientific Council.  The research study that most interests our Active For Autism 5K voters will become the first to  be funded by the Changing Lives Fund.  

Change Lives – By your public support for individuals with autism and their families, while raising important funds to support autism research

Complete the Active for Autism Virtual 5K at your own pace, in your own time, from wherever you are! Don’t wait, register today!


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