Active For Autism Virtual 5K

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Active For Autism Virtual 5K 
Thank you to all the participants and supporters of the Active for Autism Virtual 5K!  The second annual Active for Autism 5K was a huge success.  With over 500 runners, representing 34 different states and 6 different countries, this event transformed for a small local 5K into a global event for OAR.  

All proceeds from our race will go to OAR’s new Changing Lives Fund.  For this, the first virtual event , our goal was to raise $40,000, enough to fund a new OAR research study.  We quickly surpassed our original goal and have raised over $67,000!  Thank you to all of our fundraisers, donors, and sponsors for helping make that happen.

You can check out all the great race photos submitted from runners all across the globe, on the RUN FOR AUTISM Facebook page.  Dont forget to Like our page to stay up to date on all future RUN FOR AUTISM events as well as the 2021 Active for Autism 5K.
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