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The Organization for Autism Research (OAR) is proud to announce the establishment of the  Changing Lives Fund. All proceeds from the Active for Autism Virtual 5K will go to OAR’s new Changing Lives Fund and will be used solely for direct research and programs support. 

In November, OAR will allocate the available funds to support one of OAR’s new research studies. Our goal is to raise $40,000, enough to fully fund one research study.  Any funds raised over $40,000 will go to support OAR’s mission to apply research to the challenges of autism.  We have already surpassed our original goal and have set a new goal of $60,000!

The name of the fund comes from OAR’s mission tasks: Raise Money. Fund Research. Change Lives. Through your support for the Active For Autism Virtual 5K, you are directly supporting OAR’s ultimate objective, to change lives.  Here’s how:

Raise Money 
     1. Register and run in the Active for Autism Virtual 5K
     2. Make a donation
     3. Create a personal fundraising page and commit to raise at least $100.00. 
     4. Form a team and set a team fundraising goal. 

Fund Research
     1. Your registration fee and all funds raised will directly fund a new OAR’s research study that will begin in                        January.
     2. Anyone who donates $100.00 and all fundraisers who meet or exceed the $100.00 goal will be invited to vote            for the study that most interests them in November after OAR has reviewed and selected the grant-worthy                studies.  

Change Lives
     1. By your public support for individuals with autism and their families through the Active for Autism Virtual                    5K
     2. By donating and raising money for the Changing Lives Fund
     3. By helping identify the first study ever to receive a grant from the Changing Lives Fund
     4. By living the example of acceptance, generosity, and kindness you demonstrated by your participation in the              Active for Autism Virtual 5K