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Tony Fore

Tony Fore

Hi everybody. I am doing a 5k run to support OAR (Organization for Autism Research). My capstone team did extensive analysis on OAR along with the industry. OAR is ran by a great group of individuals. They are building a "Hire autism" program that will help place people in jobs and work directly with employers to make the transition smooth and successful. Every dollar I raise will advance Organization for Autism Research's great cause!  Please donate whatever you can, and in return, I will be running a 5k race in honor of your donation. (Anyone who wants to join the 5k virtual race, please register at the OAR website, the end date to run is July 26th) Send me your times! The bottom 10% will be labeled as "zombie bait"! Haha! I will run on July 20th, and will close out the acceptance of donations that evening.

WE WORK AS A TEAM!- Hence the mantra!!
A-doh's (my sons nickname) Avengers- ASSEMBLE

To help sweeten the deal for my possible donors, for every $20 donation, you will get a raffle ticket for a Wilson football autographed by the greatest Longhorn QB ever "Vince Young". I'm talking about THE VINCE YOUNG, who led UT to a national championship. The game is dubbed the greatest football game ever played! I had this ball autographed when Mr. Young visited our base. This ball is a "must have" for every Longhorn or even football fan. Plus you're supporting an amazing organization in our fight against autism! I will raffle the ball a week after the race.

To sum this up:
All proceeds from the Active for Autism Virtual 5K will go to OAR’s new Changing Lives Fund and will be used solely for direct research and programs support. 

1 in 54 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with autism. By joining the RUN FOR AUTISM team, you’re supporting OAR’s mission to fund research and resources that help people with autism and their families today.


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