Soak Up The Sun Summer Distance Series

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Join us this July for a month long Summer Distance Series. Whether you're training for your first 5K or are a seasoned marathoner, we have a goal distance for you! This month long virtual event has distance goals to challenge participants of all abilities & aspirations.


Choose your final goal distance, build your mileage up each week, submit your weekly results and conquer your final goal distance during the last week of July.  Similar to a "Couch to 5K" type of training, each runner will build their mileage each week and compete in a weekly race at their set distance, with the ultimate goal to complete your final goal distance. Distances may be completed by any combination of running & walking. 

Summer Distance Series Options


Final Goal Distance
Week 1
July 1 - 9
Week 2
July 10 - 16
Week 3
July 17 - 23
Week 4
July 24 - 31
5K/3.1 Miles 1 Mile 2 Miles 2.5 Miles
5K/3.1 Miles
10K/6.2 Miles 2 Miles 5K/3.1 Miles 8K/5 Miles
10K/6.2 Miles
Half Marathon/13.1 Miles 5K/3.1 Miles 10K/6.2 Miles 10 Miles
Half Marathon/13.1 Miles
Marathon/26.2 Miles 10K/6.2 Miles 10 Miles Half Marathon/13.1 Miles

Marathon/26.2 Miles

 Check out the event info button for more details about how the Summer Distance Series works & then register to start reaching your goals & help fund autism research & services! 

Our goal for the Soak Up the Sun Summer Distance Series is to raise $25,000! Participants are encouraged to set their own fundraising goal. There is no "right" number; your commitment is what matters! Still, there is no harm in setting a lofty goal, you'll be surprised by the number of people who will want to support you and OAR. The more you raise, the more you get! Learn more about fundraising here.

Have questions? Email the RUN Staff at
$7,591 Raised
1,000 miles
0 miles completed


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