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Perri Schwartz

Perri Schwartz

Hi friends!

I am excited to share that I will be participating in the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) Virtual 5K on April 23! Even from abroad, I can still meaningfully take part in something that is personal to me!

As an autistic person myself, I have experienced what it is like to have it first hand! Through many treatments and therapies, I have found my way around the challenges. It took me a while to be accepting of the fact that I am autistic, but now I don’t let that get to me! While on my gap year, I have found myself running and I absolutely love it!

The nonprofit I am fundraising for, the Organization for Autism Research, is the #1 ranked autistic organization. A stunning 77% of their proceeds go directly towards research and helping families! I believe Autism research and support is beneficial to help create more understanding and inclusion within our world.

Thank you to those who have supported me and continue to support me! Friends & family, teachers, doctors, mentors, etc. I am so appreciative of your unwavering love and kindness!

With the event being 2 days before my birthday (which is April 25), this is one of the many FUN ways I will be celebrating! Plus it’s during Autism Acceptance Month!

It would mean SO MUCH to me if you could please donate! Happy running, & happy celebrating! ❤️♾️💪🏻😊


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