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Digital River, Inc

Digital River, Inc

Digital River's Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Council is proud to coordinate participation in the virtual RUN FOR AUTISM presented by the Organization for Autism Research (OAR).

RUN FOR AUTISM is an event created to help raise money to fund research and resources that help people with autism and their families. OAR is based in the United States, however, Autism resources are shipped worldwide and runners in the RUN FOR AUTISM program across the globe are raising money for OAR. The charity partners with the London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, and Dublin Marathon as well as many U.S. races. 

How to Participate

This is a virtual event that takes place throughout the entire month of April.

From April 1st to April 30th, we have the opportunity to run, walk, bike, or donate to team Digital River!

There are three ways to participate:

Donate to Team Digital River using the buttons on the right-hand side of this page.

Share our page with your friends and family to help the team raise funds.

Sign up to join Team Digital River and actively participate in fundraising.
Participation is easy! Simply click the button "JOIN OUR TEAM" to join team Digital River.

Here are some of the ways that OAR uses the funds raised by the RUN FOR AUTISM team:
$10 provides a Curriculum in a Box professional development set to general education teachers.

$25 provides 15 copies of A Guide to Safety to families and first responders.

$100 provides the Kit for Kids peer education resource to an entire elementary or middle school.

$150 provides 100 copies of a Life Journey through Autism guidebook sent to a community support group or military installation.

$1,000 provides a research grant for a graduate student studying autism.

$3,000 provides a scholarship for a student with autism to attend college.

$40,000 fully underwrites an applied research pilot study.


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