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Alyssa Padilla

Alyssa Padilla

Hello again! I am back for my 6th marathon! I am ready to make this our best year yet on the Jogging 4 Josh team! As you all know by now, running is not my strong suit, never has been and never will be. This year I am determined to put my all into training and focus on a time that I want. Each year I run, of course I am running for Josh and every other person with Autism, but this year, I am making sure to hold myself accountable when it comes to training as well as fundraising. I have made my goal at $1,250 to start, but I would really like to get to $2,000. I know that is a lot, but with the help and support from all my loving friends and family, I know we can do it!

Why run for Autism?--(besides for superstar Josh Padilla)
1 in 68 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with autism. By joining the RUN FOR AUTISM team, we are supporting OAR’s mission to fund research and resources that help people with autism and their families today.

If you are wondering where you're money is going to when you donate, here are some of the ways that OAR uses the funds raised:

$10 provides a Curriculum in a Box professional development set to general education teachers.
$25 provides 15 copies of A Guide to Safety to families and first responders.
$100 provides the Kit for Kids peer education resource to an entire elementary or middle school.
$150 provides 100 copies of a Life Journey through Autism guidebook sent to a community support group or military installation.
$1,000 provides a research grant for a graduate student studying autism.
$3,000 provides a scholarship for a student with autism to attend college.
$30,000 fully underwrites an applied research pilot study.


raised of $1,250 goal

Recent Donations

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Knock em’ dead Lyss!

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