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Pete is Running The Grindstone 50K for Autism Research!

Peter Wassel

Peter Wassel

Hey Folks, I am Pete, a happily married engineer and the father of two boys, Kilian and Elliot. Last year, Elliot was diagnosed with Autism, and a lot changed. Although we didn't expect the diagnosis, much of what the doctor mentioned made much more sense. Jenny and I have supported him in as many ways as possible, but we want to do more for Elliot and others in the community. I like OAR's approach and mission. Parents created them, are science-backed, and offer tons of resources for those with Autism and the families of those with Autism. Because I love running, I decided to do something to raise awareness and not only money.

Therefore, I'm excited to announce that this September, I'm participating in the Grindstone 50K to support a cause dear to my heart - the Organization for Autism Research. The Grindstone 50K is an incredibly challenging and rewarding Ultramarathon race held in the beautiful mountains of Shanendoah Valley, VA.

Put together by the UTMB Group, this course tests the endurance of runners with its 50-kilometer distance and a significant elevation gain of over 5000 ft. The route of the Grindstone 50K is one of natural beauty and rugged terrain. Runners traverse through dense forests, cross rivers, and climb steep mountain tracks, all while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. It is as much a test of physical stamina as it is a chance to embrace and appreciate the great outdoors.

But why run this grueling race? For me, it's about more than just personal achievement. It's about making a difference in the lives of those affected by autism including my son Elliot. That's why I have chosen to run the Grindstone 50K for the Organization for Autism Research.

This nonprofit is committed to using science to make a difference in the everyday lives of those with autism and their families. They fund research studies and provide resources, all aimed at helping individuals with autism navigate the world.

Running the Grindstone 50K is not just a personal challenge, but a statement of solidarity and support for those living with autism. Every step taken, every hill climbed, is a commitment to making a difference in the lives of those in the autism community.

I'm inviting everyone to join me in this endeavor. You can support by donating to the Organization for Autism Research, cheering from the sidelines, or simply spreading the word about this cause. Together, we can make a difference, one step at a time.

Here are some of the ways that OAR uses the funds raised by the RUN FOR AUTISM team:

$10 provides a Curriculum in a Box professional development set to general education teachers.
$25 provides 15 copies of A Guide to Safety to families and first responders.
$100 provides the Kit for Kids peer education resource to an entire elementary or middle school.
$150 provides 100 copies of a Life Journey through Autism guidebook sent to a community support group or military installation.
$1,000 provides a research grant for a graduate student studying autism.
$3,000 provides a scholarship for a student with autism to attend college.
$50,000 fully underwrites an applied research pilot study.

Thanks so much to all who have donated so far! We exceeded our goal in the first 2 days! We are also the top fundraiser for the year in the DIY category!


Here is the link to the race with more information. https://grindstone.utmb.world/races/50K


raised of $2,000 goal


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