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Sarah Casteel

Sarah Casteel

Dear loved ones,

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for visiting my fundraising page.

In honor of my beloved mother, Tammy Soma, I have decided to embark on something of an emotional journey - the Honolulu marathon.

My mother always wished for her children to carry on her athletic legacy, and it is my ardent hope to help fulfill her cherished wish through this challenging endeavor.

In my mother's final days, I promised her that I would run a marathon in her honor. Where better to pay tribute to her than in Hawaii - the place she drew her first breath, called home, and a place we tragically never had the chance to explore together due to the nature of her battle with addiction.

Born and raised in Hawaii, my mother triumphed in various races and triathlons in the city of Honolulu. Therefore, this marathon signifies a deeply profound trifecta for me - my first marathon, my inaugural visit to the most significant place in my mother's life, and a heartfelt homage to the many races and athletic pursuits that she conquered.

My mother dedicated her life to becoming an accomplished athlete, pursuing her dreams with unwavering determination. She competed in Ironman triathlons, and excelled in swimming, cycling, and running. Witnessing her discipline and determination was truly inspiring.

To participate in this race, I need to raise $1,250 for the Organization for Autism Research. This remarkable organization supports crucial research and provides vital resources for individuals with Autism and their families.

I graciously implore your compassionate donations, not only for this remarkable charitable organization, but also for the profound opportunity it presents: the sacred chance for me to bridge the ocean between my mother's past and my future by means of something she loved.

More than just a marathon, it will be a journey of profound significance; this marathon will give me the opportunity to undertake the physical feat that was intricately woven into the tapestry of her own healing while she was alive - and I'm hoping it will now soon become a part of mine.

I cannot adequately express the depth of my gratitude. Thank you a thousand times over for your boundless generosity.

With love and appreciation,
Sarah Casteel


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