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Reece Gunningham's Fundraising Page

Reece Gunningham

Reece Gunningham

My name's Reece and I am the Director of Blueboat Digital. Aside from creating beautiful digital products I'm also a passionate long-distance runner.

Over the last 5 years, running has helped me in quite profound ways in addition to building strength and fitness. It provides a place to be social around other supportive individuals, a place to think; to be meditative, and a challenge that pushes me to my limits. Most importantly, running has given me an incredible drive and persistence that permeates throughout my entire life.

Because of that, I want to use my newfound skills and self-confidence to bring awareness to a cause that is very close to me. So, this August I will be running a 26.2-mile trail challenge across Snowdonia, Wales, with a total of 8,730 feet elevation across uneven terrain.

I'm doing this for the challenge, but also to raise money and awareness for a cause that is (thankfully) gaining more understanding amongst the general public and which I would also like to contribute towards myself in whatever way I can.

This is the hardest marathon I have taken on to date, and with a relatively tight training schedule, it's not going to be easy for me by any stretch of the imagination. The goal is to finish injury-free with a respectable time under 4.5 hours (included some extra wiggle time due to the elevation and weather), and, most importantly, to have lots of fun and take in the scenery while doing it.

So please, help me support this charity by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Especially if you know someone diagnosed with autism or suspect someone you know has autism. Every pound I raise will advance Organization for Autism Research's great cause. 

1 in 54 children in the U.S. alone is diagnosed with autism or high functioning autism. Early diagnoses can positively change the course of a child's life in a dramatic way for the better. This subsequently leads to less mental health issues down the road.

Here are some of the ways that OAR uses the funds raised by the RUN FOR AUTISM team:

$10 provides a Curriculum in a Box professional development set to general education teachers.
$25 provides 15 copies of A Guide to Safety to families and first responders.
$100 provides the Kit for Kids peer education resource to an entire elementary or middle school.
$150 provides 100 copies of a Life Journey through Autism guidebook sent to a community support group or military installation.
$1,000 provides a research grant for a graduate student studying autism.
$3,000 provides a scholarship for a student with autism to attend college.
$40,000 fully underwrites an applied research pilot study.

I'm starting with an easy goal of $100. Then with more the challenges I take on, I hope to raise the goal amount and see how far we can get!

Exercise is great whatever the sport. It's about getting out, getting active, being social, challenging yourself and learning new skills that will benefit other areas of your life.

Thanks for your support!



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